The perpetual fear of losing data

The blog now runs WordPress. To prove that I retain my techie sensibilities, I only wanted blog software in PHP since I understand that much in the way I don’t understand Perl. Trusting your valuable writing (i.e. data) to alien software always feels dangerous … though it’s an attitude that doesn’t always pay off in hours saved.

Become #1 on Google without even trying

There you go … the free trial of Radio Userland was as kind as to silently notify that I was creating a test site. At the time of writing, this test curiously scores as the #1 hit on Google if you search for “ludologist“.

For some reason, I have the largest Googleshare of the word ludology of anyone – 53.37% to be exact. As a random comparison, Gonzalo Frasca only has 10.34%. It doesn’t really make sense, but who am I to complain?
(Via Susana Tosca, Torill Mortensen and Nick Montfort.)

Welcome to blogdom

My name is Jesper Juul, and I am a ludologist.
This means that I study computer and video games for a living.

This is a blog about that, but I won’t hestitate to include whatever semiunrelated stuff is on my mind: From the top, the categories are games for thoughts, news, and commentaries on games, general for assorted observations and arguments; meta for general philosophical stuff, and tech for technology.