ToDIGRA special issue, 1st DiGRA and FDG conference

For your theoretical consumption:

Special Issue, 1st Joint International Conference of DIGRA and FDG

Introduction PDF
Ashley Brown, Rafael Bidarra
No-one Plays Alone PDF
Chris Bateman
“Ruinensehnsucht”: Longing for Decay in Computer Games PDF
Mathias Fuchs
Creative Communities: Shaping Process through Performance and Play PDF
Lynn Parker, Dayna Galloway
Playful Fandom: Gaming, Media and the Ludic Dimensions of Textual Poaching PDF
Orion Mavridou
A Review of Social Features in Social Network Games PDF
Janne Paavilainen, Kati Alha, Hannu Korhonen
Focus, Sensitivity, Judgement, Action: Four Lenses for Designing Morally Engaging Games PDF
Malcolm Ryan, Dan Staines, Paul Formosa
Developing Ideation Cards for Mixed Reality Game Design PDF
Richard Wetzel, Tom Rodden, Steve Benford
Source Code and Formal Analysis: A Reading of Passage PDF
Ea Christina Willumsen

ISSN: 2328-9422

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