Introducing the Not Helvetica Collection

We love Helvetica! We really do!

But do you ever feel uneasy over its excessively clean lines?

Suspicious of the self-conscious foot of the upper case R?

Disturbed by the smug purists who think they have found the Eight Wonder of the World?

Then I have something for you.

A wholly frivolous side project, I present to you the NotHelvetica collection: a modest line of apparel and household objects featuring classic good-taste fonts like Helvetica, Bauhaus, and Futura … only in, well, other fonts like Comic Sans, or Old English, or Rosewood.

 Get the T-shirt

The iPhone 5 case

The cosmetic bag

And more! All customizable.



PS. For the truly daring contrarian, the Helvetica in Arial T-shirt is now available!