The Quiet End of the Year

It is that time of the year, so I will probably be quite quiet the next two weeks.

It’s been a good year for gaming. Some things that stood out for me:

  • More student projects becoming commercial titles and gaining recognition (such as GAMBIT’s own CarneyVale). We are becoming better at setting up a concrete link from theory to practice.
  • Indie games becoming mainstream. Meaning: There is a wider recognition that a low-budget game can have something special to offer, something that is not offered by big-budget games. World of Goo is a great example.
  • The Wii, Rock Band and other “casual” titles continue to reach a broader audience.
  • And I finished a book about that, should come out in the summer.
  • But the downloadable casual games channel is becoming less and less profitable for developers.
  • More than half of the US adult population is playing video games. Media panics over video games should become more obviously ridiculous for everyone involved.

Happy Holidays to everyone! Happy Gaming!