Finns prefer Solitaire

The Hypermedialab in Tampere, Finland has put out an amazingly thorough report on Finnish gaming habits.

  • Solitaire is the most popular digital game.
  • “During the last month 66 % of the respondents reported playing traditional games, 59 % money games, 31 % digital games and 4 % engrossment games [LARPs etc].”

And lots more.

I guess the cliché is that winter is so dark in the Nordic region that we have nothing to do but play games or code. I would really love to see comparable data from other countries.

One thought on “Finns prefer Solitaire”

  1. The popularity of solitaire makes sense considering its accessibility is unparalleled. Also, study said most active digital-gamers are relatively young, and I wonder if that’s because that age group grew up with digital games. That is, will we start to see an older age demo playing digital games?

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