Eludamos, a new video game journal

The new Eludamos Journal for Computer Game Culture has launched its inaugural issue.

From the introduction:

We all play, regardless of gender, age, cultural background, or social status. Some of us play chess while others play golf. Children play catch or hide and seek. Americans play football, Europeans soccer. Actors play theatre, musicians play instruments. Comedians play their audiences, politicians the media. Lawyers play the legal system, economists the economic game. Whether we like it or not, play is one of the most fundamental activities in human life, it is immersed in our language and has a substantial influence in how we define our culture. It is sometimes unintentional and informal like the unorganised play of children on a playground, other times it is intentional and formal such as the play of baseball players in the World Series. Play is always subject to rules, even if these rules change over time. Play has a beginning and an end; it is creative and always voluntary. If we are forced to play we can withdraw by spoiling it. Play is fun and motivating; it challenges us and makes us learn about ourselves and life in general. Through play we exit reality and experience a make-believe world. When we are done playing, play disappears and we return to reality. Everything that was important during play has then somehow lost its meaning seemingly leaving no serious consequences of play in real life.


Introduction HTML PDF
Emma Westecott, Andreas Jahn-Sudmann, Gareth Schott, Michael Wagner


Ordinary Gamers – The Vanishing Violence In War Games And Its Influence On Male Gamers Abstract PDF HTML
Hartmut Gieselmann
On the Liberation of Space in Computer Games Abstract PDF HTML
Edvin Babic
(Dis-)integrative Effects of MUD-Usage as Seen by the Players Abstract PDF HTML
Susanne Keuneke
Real Player Manifesto Abstract PDF HTML
Marguerite Charmante
?Translating Narrative into Code? ? Thoughts on a Technology-Centric Model of Digital Games as Programmable Media Abstract PDF HTML
Stefan Werning


Think smooth! The challenges, pleasures and pitfalls of WarioWare: Smooth Moves HTML PDF
Doris Carmen Rusch
Emotion and Story in “Shadow of the Colossus”: A Meta-Review Abstract HTML PDF
Peter Purgathofer
Electroplankton revisited: A Meta-Review Abstract HTML PDF
Martin Pichlmair


Black and White: Attending the Games Convention 2007 HTML PDF

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  1. Guess I have to thank you for pointing that one out to us. I immediately recognized Stefan Werning, who gave a lecture on non-linear narrative in computer games at the University of Bonn. I didn’t know he is publishing in this area of expertise. :)

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