4 thoughts on “Will trade Xbox 360 for Soviet Arcade Game”

  1. Well, seriously, I would love to have one of my favorite 80’s arcades to be placed in my room. I have collected some 4500 MAME roms, but still nothing can beat the feel of the real thing.

  2. Well, don’t ask me about, since I would not think it because of the hytpnotic effect of these machines over myself.
    I just feel a bit uncomfortable to learn russian before playing this arcade (would it be necessary?).

  3. damn, I’ve always been fashinated by soviet technology… what was videoludic scene in Soviet Union? Any information or resources? (well, I know Tetris, anything else?)

  4. When you translate the name, it means Dogfiht, it has a counter, so i guess its an old Dogfiht game between two or more airplanes :D

    Translations means “air fight”.

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