Nordic Game Jam January 27-29 2006

Lately I’ve been working with Diginet and IGDA Denmark to set up a game jam in Copenhagen.

So I am happy to tell you that Nordic Game Jam 2006 will run January 27th-29th 2006 at the IT University of Copenhagen.

The basic format is that you can sign up as a team or individually, and that between Friday and Sunday you have to make a game prototype on the theme of collaborative multiplayer. Games are then demonstrated on Sunday afternoon with panel and participant judging.

Compared to the Indie Game Jam, this game jam is focused more on group work, and is also technologically agnostic, encouraging people to work with whatever tools they prefer.

The event is for game developers, students, researchers, and everyone in between. Around 40 participants in all.

Read more and sign up here.

3 thoughts on “Nordic Game Jam January 27-29 2006”

  1. “Technologically agnostic” is a fabulous word play – I just love it – and just know that it needs to be introduced into ict-educational initiatives in New Zealand.

    Will also be interested to read how the game jam develops – the rhetoric for constructivism/collaborative learning in classrooms is seldom modelled in the way we organise conference learning for educators – the Ludium and Game Jam attempts are an audacious attempt to represent new learning approaches – Great work – and I haven’t even got hold of a copy of your new book yet.

  2. Just a quick post-comment: thanks for the event. It was fantastic (even if our dragon/cam thingie was kind of agains the rule of “collaborative multiplayer”). The biggest surprise for me that there were no failed projects, even if expierience and teamwork skills were very varied between participants. And there even were some great ideas!

  3. Yes, I thought it was fabulous working with this many people. And incredible that everbody actually finished a playable game!

    I will post some pictures soon.

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