Last day of the Indie Game Jam

The indie game jam has so far been incredibly interesting and eminently bloggable. But it’s also an event where every minute of programming time counts, hence no updates.

Chris Hecker have set up a very nice 3d engine suited for the theme of this year’s jam, “people interaction”.
Here’s Chris in the middle of it all, during a briefing:

People interaction is cool because it’s incredibly hard, and the obvious “big step” that everybody?s thinking about. I guess we are around 30 people, and the games include a dance party game, a film noir adventure, a simulation of the Fairmount lobby in San José (the end point of previous Game Developer Conferences).
Everything will be showed at the game design workshop at this years Game Developer Conference – Thursday, I think.

My own game has the working title of “Emotional Chuchu”. That is, it’s a puzzle game, but based around people being happy or sad, and trying to convince the others to come to “their side”. Here’s a screenshot from Saturday morning:

Tasks for today: Make title screen. Tweak gameplay. Implement all sounds. Make sure the player gets what is going on.