Level Up conference program online

The program for the DiGRA games conference in Utrecht November 4-6th is now available.
In something as new as game studies, there is always an open question on whether it will suddenly dry up or whether we will continue to see more in-depth and more interesting research. Fortunately things are looking good, and everybody does seem to get more savvy and clever all the time. Makes me happy.

Yours truly will be speaking on The game, the player, the world: looking for a heart of gameness.

3 thoughts on “Level Up conference program online”

  1. I wrote you an e-mail about (I think) this talk, to see whether it was basically the same as something I was planning on writing up: The Anatomy of a Game, which would be a clear identification of all the common traits in all forms of games. I was hoping that it would provide a common ground for talk about all games – some common nomenclature.

    Is this what the talk is about, or are you doing a paper like this? Just wondering whether I should bother, if you are!

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